Candace Brown: freelance writer and professional musician

Welcome – About me

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Thank you for visiting. Let’s get acquainted. I’m a writer and a musician, so this site relates to those two important focuses of my life and work and includes pages about both. Whether meeting the needs of my freelance writing clients or performing some classic New Orleans jazz or old-time music on my banjo or guitar, I strive for perfection.

But what am I, Candace Brown, about?

To answer that question,  I needed to consider more than the things I do to make a living, no matter how much I enjoy those activities. It required some thought concerning my priorities, passions, goals, beliefs, dreams, and desires, all those things that make me who I am. I needed to examine my purpose in this complex world, one that I love, celebrate, and express through language and music.

I realized that what I am about is connection. I live every day of my life with the desire to gain understanding and help others do the same. I want to communicate truths, to share beauty, encourage compassion, and do my part to make this a better world.

Whenever I tell a story, write a news or magazine feature, explain a product in a catalog description, compose a press release, or stir your emotions with a piece of music, it’s all about connection.

If you crave connection with your clients, customers, or readers, I can help. And if you want to see how music can connect people on the dance floor or at a table for two, I can help you with that as well.

Let’s get together and make something good happen.